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Confused about inks? We had an inkling.

The huge variety of ink pads on the market is very confusing to stampers, scrapbookers and crafters. Often it’s the same ink in a different box with a different name. Stewart Superior is stamping out the confusion by focusing on several multipurpose, multi-surface premium quality inks. By making our inks work on more surfaces for more purposes it’s much simpler to find the right ink for the right project!

Since Stewart Superior’s ink pads are more versatile - you get more value for your money. Instead of buying an ink pad just for embossing - you can also use it on fabrics, wood, leather, clay, shrink plastic and more. Don't be afraid to experiment and try our inks for different purposes and surfaces. The creativity and resourcefulness of our customers has lead to many great techniques and new applications for our products!

An quick overview of Stewart Superior Craft Inks - or use our handy Ink Comparison Chart.

Memories Dye Ink - premium, acid free, archival, fade resistant, permanent, all -surfaces stamping ink. (Use this ink if you want your work or stamped image to last as long as the surface it is stamped on.) Memories has gained the reputation for being "the best of the best" of premium dye inks on the market.
Memories Chalk Ink - a premium dye ink formula that creates chalk-like effects and gentle pastel tones. Memories Chalks offer all the same great features as our Memories inks plus they create really dynamic effects on dark papers. Dries quickly and can be heat set for faster drying. Non- smearing with markers and water colors. Archival, acid free and fade resistant.
Memories Crafting Pigment - Pigment ink that takes the best qualities of pigment and craft ink and combines them for a heat-setting and embossable pigment. A new, multi-purpose, multi-surface pigment ink that works on a variety of surfaces but also embosses superbly. Archival, acid free and fade resistant. Heat-set recommended on fabrics and some surfaces. (Inkredible! & Memories Pigment)
Memories Metallic Pigment -  Creates shimmering, iridescent metallic effects for rubber stamping and crafting on multiple surfaces. Heat-set on glossy and non-porous surfaces.  Acid free and fade resistant.  Dries faster with a heat-set. 
Palette Hybrid Ink - The latest advancement in ink technology. A special blending of the best features of both pigment and dye into one amazing all-surface ink. Dries instantly on paper and porous surfaces, must be heat-set on glossy surfaces and fabrics.  
Palette Metallics - Hybrid Metallic that works on all surfaces. May require a heat set on some surfaces.
Palette Embossing & Watermark - Dynamic and versatile CLEAR embossing and watermark inkpad. Also works as a RESIST ink for overlaying with dye inks.
Palette Stamp & Stick Glue Pad - A clear, heat-activated adhesive solution for applying metal leaf, glitter, metallic pigments or chalk powders to any surface or to a rubber stamped image.  Creates dynamic effects for scrapbooks, cards, home décor and more. 
Child Safe - Nontoxic, standard dye and pigment inks that wash up and clean up fast and easy. (Kiddly Inks, Child Safe Dye Pad)
Standard Dye Ink, non-archival dye ink for general stamping use.
Standard Pigment Ink, Nondrying, or slow-drying pigment ink. Main application is for embossing.
India Ink Black - super quick drying, premium black dye specialty ink for use with markers and water coloring.   

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