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The Ultimate All-Surface ink pad - In Fine Art Colors!

Palette™ Hybrid Ink Pads

Palette™ Hybrid Ink Pad

Fine Art Colors in the Ultimate All-Surface ink pad!

The Palette™ Hybrid Ink Pad represents an innovation in stamping ink technology. It eliminates all the confusion over which ink to use for what surface - because it works on everything and is a non-solvent ink. It doesn’t smell bad , it’s nonflammable and it won’t immediately dry out. It dries instantly on paper and porous surfaces and requires a heat-set on glossy surfaces and fabrics.

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Palette™ Hybrid Cube Packs

Palette Hybrid Cube Packs

36 Colors in 9 sets of four cubes.

More Color for your Money!

Now you can get the entire color collection for Palette™ Hybrid™ inks in 1” x 1” cube ink pads. Great for small projects or newcomers to stamping and scrapping. These affordable and practical four packs quickly build you ink pad color inventory. The fantastic all-surface Hybrid™ ink makes using and selling these cool cube sets an easy task.

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Palette™ Embossing & Watermark Ink Pad

The Palette™ Embossing & Watermark ink pad brings a superb clear embossing ink to the Palette™ line. 
And that’s not all! 

  • Creates watermark style images on text weight paper. 
  • Makes tone on tone of faux effects on uncoated colored papers for a soft shadow appearance.
  • For dye ink resist techniques stamp onto glossy paper and then heat set. Then apply the dye inks with a brayer or applicator. The stamped image will resist the dye ink colors.

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Palette™ Hybrid Metallic Ink Pads

Palette™ Hybrid Metallic Ink

Palette™ Metallics are the metallic ink that everyone has been waiting for!

This is it! Fast drying, permanent metallic, iridescent ink for detailed shimmering images. Creates stunning results on light or dark surfaces. These new water-based metallic inks can be re-activated initially with water before needing re-inking.

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