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Palette™ Stamp & Stick Gluepad

The Gluepad from Stewart Superior now comes in two dynamic versions; CLEAR and BLACK! Clear adds a more subtle enhancement and light glitter sparkle whereas the dark contrast from the Black Gluepad creates a more spectacular reflective effect.  Two Gluepads, two different results for too much fun!

What is the Palette™ Stamp & Stick Gluepad?

A clear, heat-activated adhesive solution for applying metal leaf, glitter, metallic pigments or chalk powders to any surface or to a rubber stamped image.  Creates dynamic effects for scrapbooks, cards, home décor items and more.

Palette™ Stamp & Stick Gluepad Accessory Program

A complete Program for Faux Finishing, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooking, Home Decor and more! Featuring Coordinated packaging that shows Project samples and complete instructions. The Palette Stamp & Stick Gluepad Program has it all!

Palette Stamp & Stick Gluepad Kit

The Palette Stamp and Stick Gluepad Kit is available in an easy to display clamshell, featuring Project Samples, Instructions & Refiller or open stock single pad. Perfect for use with the rest of the Palette Metal Leaf, Glitter and Accent Powders program. Use on coated cardstock for perfect results everytime!  Works best on coated papers. 
Kit includes:1 Gluepad with 1/2 oz Refill.

Glue Pad

Stamp and Stick with Metal Leaf

Metal Leafing is the perfect pairing for the Stamp & Stick Gluepad. Available in Gold, Copper, Silver and three gorgeous Variegated colors.
25 x 5 1/2” squares for solid colors. 6 x 5 1/2” squares for variegated.

Metal Swatches Stamp and Stick Metal Leaf Kit

Stamp and Stick with Glitter

Stamp & Stick Glitter works great on glossy cardstock. Available in Shades of Reds, Golds, Greens, Neutrals and Blues. Four 3gm jars of each shade in each pack.

Glitter Pack Glitter Swatches

Stamp and Stick with Accent Powder

Metallic Accent Powders are available in Shades of Reds, Golds, Greens, Neutrals and Blues. Four 3 gm jars of each shade in each pack.

Accent PowdersAccent Powders