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Memories Mists

They're Awesome! Fantastic textured effects on any craft surface with the easy to use Memories™ Mists.  One or two sprays applies an instant stippled finish to any surface.  Unlike other sprays or washes that create a watercolor effect, the Memories™ Mists ink spots stay in a dot so they create a perfectly stippled finish every time.  Memories™ Mists give you dynamic results using stencils or rubber stamps when creating scrapbook pages, cards & paper crafts or home decor items. 

Available in: 24 standard colors, 8 Vivid colors, 1 Iridescent Overlay, 3 Metallic colors and 5 Classic Metallic colors

Memory Mist Swatches 
Whipped Cream MistWhipped Cream Mist Diet Cola MistDiet Cola Mist Stormy Water MistStormy Water Mist
Blueberry Shake MistBlueberry Shake Mist Blue Hawaiin MistBlue Hawaiin Mist Blue Lagoon MistBlue Lagoon Mist
Blue Martini MistBlue Martini Mist Liquid Pine MistLiquid Pine Mist Green Tea MistGreen Tea Mist
Wheatgrass MistWheatgrass Mist Margarita MistMargarita Mist Mango Lemonade MistMango Lemonade Mist
Pale Ale MistPale Ale Mist Orange Juice MistOrange Juice Mist Iced Coffee MistIced Coffee Mist
Amaretto MistAmaretto Mist Merlot MistMerlot Mist Strawberry Daiquiri MistStrawberry Daiquiri Mist
Fruit Punch MistFruit Punch Mist Cherry Smoothie MistCherry Smoothie Mist Pink Lemonade MistPink Lemonade Mist
Plum Sake MistPlum Sake Mist Lavender Tea MistLavender Tea Mist Eau De Pansy MistEau De Pansy Mist

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